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    Any idea how to stop my treo 650 from making accidental emergency calls. I keep the treo on my pocket. So for some reason when it's in my pocket and on keyguard I move just right and I hit the center key and then it's unlocked and any other movement makes a 911 call.

    I called palm one and they say it's built into the phone to be able to make 911 calls and you can't change that. I am sure 911 doesn't like me calling them by accident 1 or 2 a week.

    I do not want a belt clip or case as a fix. I only want some way to bypass that feature and still be able to keep the phone locked.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Same problem here... Only called my wife (on speaker phone) and my insurance agent though. I thought it was my Krusell classic case... Haven't had a problem since i went to a flip top case.

    I wonder if the security upgrade for the T3 will work on the Treo 650? I think it had a 5-way button password entry... Thing... to unlock it. Like: 'up, up, left, down, right'.


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    No worky...

    "This is not a supported configuration for this application."

    Oh well...

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    Not sure if it is just me, but my bluetooth headset will unlock the phone as well... If I have the headset in my pocket (yeah it shouldn't be there) and the multi function button gets pushed in a certain combination my phone will unlock itself.

    I have yet to actually place a call because of this, but I have setup a couple of wierd calendar entries this way.
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    I have a SIM lock code on my Treo 650. When I turn my phone on and enter the SIM code mine also dials 911 at least twice a week. For some reason the focus seems to move to the make emergency call button and it dials before I even look at my screen.
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    I'm using keepoff to only disable the d-pad very good.

    so to turn on the phone, I just press anyone of the app buttons first..then press 'center' next.
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    same problem here......if we could change the emergency call number

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