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    Just got a Jabra BT250 and Treo 650 - after a lot of hassle, it works - just poorly. I did the new 108 update. Lots of static, and people I talk with claim the sound is not good - is this normal???
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    Thanks for answering my question about this headset. :-)
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    I have a Cingular 650 and I'm on my 2nd BT250. It sux.
    Dennis G. Esler
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    My BT250 works great unless I am in a wireless network (802.11b) environment. I keep it in my vehicle and use it everyday. Eveyone says the calls are clear and I can hear great.
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    My BT250P works great with my T650 Cingular.
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    I have the palmone version of the BT250 and the Sprint 650. No problems at all at this point, it was a little crackly and not as loud before the firmware upgrade but the sound is really good now.

    I might also add that i seem to get some static in a heavy WIFI area but i am not positive about that it could be my imagination.

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