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    Hey there treo 600 users!

    I can't find how to turn off the lights (screen) when I am talking to someone. It is so anoying when you are talking to someone at night, 1. Waste of battery, 2. No need to have lights when you are talking, 3. The phone is hot and can conduct to internal damage. Anyone know how to turn it off while talking? It is so stupid.. while I'm typing with the keyboard, the keyboard lights shuts off after not pressing anything for about 2 secs. Tried to find out how to mange the lights but still can't find the configuration. Thank you !

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    Have a look at Sand Man as one option.
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    I use Treogaurd, you can set the screen to go off after a certain amount of time.
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    Thanks guys! Treoguard is really cool!

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    Treoguard, legal or cracked.

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