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    Can you access chat rooms like AOL ones or is it just too much for the processor/memory of the Treo 650?

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    it probably depends on the chat software; AOL uses an installed client so you'd need something "installable" on the PalmOS; many chat sites use Java, which means you'd need to install a PalmOS Java runtime (do a search here - i think there is one out there); if there is a pure HTML or HTML/Javascript web site that is supported by Blazer or WebPro then you might be able to use it... Best bet is to try our your favorite!
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    yes.. google search for upirc..
    also tops for treo chat using upirc on treo.
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    The more alternatives the better... I'm not really sure if you can access any aol chatrooms on the treo. However, as john just mentioned, has a pretty good little community going. You can access treochat from your desktop using your web browser or a client like trillian or mirc. You can also use upirc to talk live from your treo.
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    hey paul..

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