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    First of all, sorry if this is a stupid question. Did the searches but could not find an answer.
    Bought the Tre0 650 with Cingular 5 days ago, got the unlock code from cingular today ---- got it unlocked, or so the screen said once I did what I needed to do with the 8 digit code they gave me.
    Anyway - somehow I though that by doing that I would not get this message "unable to retrieve the SIM services menu ....and so on" when clicking on the SIM Srvc. icon. But it's till there.
    Can anyone tell me what that means? I just want to make sure everything works correctly while I am in the 30 day return timeframe.
    Help is always appreciated - thanks.
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    You are fine. SIM Services are network/phone/carrier related special service(s) that the carrier put on your SIM card, of course not all the carrier have them (as matter of fact, none GSM service provider in the N. America have them?).

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