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    I know this is not specifically regarding Chatter but I need help and I figured with your level of general expertise you would have a definitive answer for me. I am using a T650, with the Chatter (trial version) still running. I have everything set-up and working properly now, and thank you for your help. However, my problem is viewing attachments. I get my work orders for the following day emailed to me at 5pm, and they are in .rtf format. I have the Docs To Go, version 7.001, installed from the Treo software CD. But, I am not able to view them. I need to be able to view these documents from my Treo, as I am always on the road and away from my PC at 5pm. Thanks for any assistance.
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    I have a feeling you need the full DTG package to do this; can you send me an email with an attachment like the one you need to view?


    p.s. Feel free to email me at
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    thanks, Marc.....just sent it...hope the attachment arrived, first time sending an attachment.
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    I got the attachment fine, but can't open it (it says there aren't any applications that can read it). I have to check to see if my DTG is the Premium Edition or not.

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    Hey Marc,

    I have Documents To Go premium. I am experiencing the same problem in that when I go to attach something it brings up the docstogo but only list the .jpgs I have on my treo, I put two word docs on just to test and neither show up in the list.

    Any ideas?
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    The easiest way I find to e-mail Word/Excel files using chatter us to open the file in DTG, hit the menu button, and select the send file option. this way there's no BS about trying to locate the file.

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