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Hi all...

As usual, you ask and we deliver.

Nutshell has made much requested improvements to its belt case for the Treo 650.

The changes include:
1. Increasing the depth of the side cut-aways to make it easier to get at the rocker switch and extract the Treo from the case.
2. Providing a hole in the base for plugging in accessories.
3. Easing the case to make it an even better fit for the Treo 650.


As usual, our cases come with a three year warranty - and our world reknowned quality customer service.

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I am interested in buying a nutshell pouch with belt clip. I was checking your website and noticed that you can add a shoulder strap and that you have colors like green and yellow. I would like to see pictures of the green or yellow pouch and also what the strap looks like and how long is it. To tell you the truth I am lady who wishes to carry her treo like a purse, not on the side but using it crossed infront. I would also like the steel loop on the pouch but not the belt clip if I can carry it like a purse.

I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks,