I am having an issue getting Butler to repeat notifications (buzz/tone) from Chatter that have gone unanswered. I currently have Chatter 1.0.5b5 and Butler 2.86 installed. My Attention settings in Butler are currently:

Attention Manager (checked)
Incoming SMS (checked)
Voicemail Notification (checked)
Only from 7:00am to 11:00pm
Alert - Alert Bells
1 time
Volume 3
Vibrate 1 time
Set Led - Fast Green

Here is an example of what I see: A new email comes in while I am in the phone application. Chatter's popup comes up and the timeout occurs. The phone's new mail icon comes on with a "1" beside it, the flashing "*" appears (because I have Chatter set to use Attention Manager), the LED starts flashing as Butler is instructed to do, and the screen goes off. After that I am never reminded of this event with a buzz or tone from Butler as I should be. Butler does appear to work with calendar alarms and sms just fine. Anyone else with these two apps see this? Any suggestions?

Thanks and sorry this was so long,