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    Ok so i ordered the screen protectors from Treo Central. And i'm very displeased with what i received not unless i'm missing something. There were only 3 little square like peices that came in the package!!! What is the deal with that? It doesn't even cover the whole screen. Maybe i'm misunderstanding how to put them on or something. But if someone could please shed some light on this situation i'd greatly appreciate it.
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    That's it! Peel off the backing plastic and apply carefully. It covers all but 1 mm of the width and height of the screen..

    I agree that $5 a pop is too expensive for these things. I had the same feeling of dissappointment .. but what else are you expecting from 3 screen protectors?

    I I had known that Treo 650 comes with a screen protector, I wouldn't have bought any from anywhere ...
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    Yea so i just called Treo Central and spoke w/ a customer service rep. b/c when i looked at it, it didn't look as if it would fit across the whole screen of the Treo. But the guy said that the look can be deceiving and that it does have a perfect fit to it. So can anyone agree to this?
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    I couldn't stand the fact that I had to cut out the "stock" screen protector. So these, which are already cut to size, were just the trick. Now, if only they didn't make it so tough to use the touch screen............
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    I've got one on my phone and love it. It fits perfect, doesn't leave fingerprints, can't beat it. I tried the BoxWave Crystals, but they get to greasy and fingerprints all over them.
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    I love the TC screen protectors
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    I'm a huge fan of the Boxware Crystal's but they are pricy and I agree they get greasy but to me they are just like a "naked" screen (only protected by an invisible layer that I can replace as needed).

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