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    One of my Treo buddies has a Sprint T600. No problems for months. Now, all of a sudden, the thing won't make or receive any calls. He gets a message saying network search. Calls cannot be placed.

    He is running Treo 600-1.10-SPR software. They told him at the Sprint store (after trying to sell him a new phone--bastards) to download the Sprint update (here:

    Anyone have this problem? Does the update fix it?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Usually, the Network Searching, battery drain issues, are battery, or connection problems internally.
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    Yeah, do a search through the forum and you'll find literally hundreds of posts about this exact same thing. I and many others had it, and were able to get Sprint to replace the phone.
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    I started with a 600 in Feb of 2004 and had the network search/bad battery by September, Now on my 2nd 600 I already have this issue rearing its ugly head.

    Now time to fight for a 650
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    I've had my original Sprint Treo 600 since Oct 2003. No problems (knock of wood)so far and the battery is still holding up.

    Becasue of the problems many experienced with the software upgrade back in June, I elected not to do it. I'm still running 1.1
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    Avid - yep, time for a new phone. Same thing happened to me back in January or February of this year. I had my SPCS T600 since October of '03. The early models had some issues when you'd let the battery get very low before recharging. Something about allowing the battery to drain low triggered the problems and thats when my Treo started acting up. But there are a bazillion threads in these forums that would explain the issues in greater accuracy and detail. I brought my phone to the Sprint store, they ran a quick diagnostic and I walked out with another T600. I was hoping for the free upgrade to the 650 but didn't happen.

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