i've tried mp3ringer, and lightwav... my question is on the handling of known callers and unknown callers.

with the built in sound preferences of the treo 650, it distinguishes known callers as anyone in my contacts database. and anyone not in my contacts database, regardless if their number is blocked or not, as unknown callers.

the above is exactly how i want it...

however, when i demo'd lightwav, as long as the caller's number is unblocked, it uses the mp3 assigned to known callers. so if i get a call from 808-555-1234, which is unknown to me, lightwav uses the known callers ringtone. the number is known because it shows up, but to me, the caller is unknown.

and if i don't silence the ringtone for the built in sound preferences for unknown caller, the unknown caller ringtone rings as well as the mp3 ringtone rings for lightwav.

does anyone know if there is a mp3/wav/wma ringtone application out there that handles known and unknown callers like how it should and keep them separate? known = in my contacts database. unknown = anybody else regardless if their number is unblocked.