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    I am trying to set up SplashMoney w/ BoA. Do I need to have them upen up a channel for $9.95/mon. in order to use direct connect?

    Anyone like/dislike splashmoney?
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    I am using it.
    I have a prima account and they said it would be included. What kind of account do you have?

    I am absolutely stunned that I can actually track my banking from my Treo. And I love SplashMoney. But can only compare it to BankBook4.
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    thanks, i got it to work but only after setting up direct connect, which the rep told me would cost $9.95. Not sure if its worth it. I have a MyAccess acct. do you use the desktop program as well?
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    I just got the program installed. So I will not be getting much into the desktop stuff until after this weekend.
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    me too...
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    The only thing I can think to add, is that if you have direct deposit (supposedly with any account) then they are supposed to waive the monthly fee (for direct connect).

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