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    SprintPCS 1.08 Treo 650:

    Step 1) Compose new message
    Step 2) Tap paperclip
    Step 3) Tap dropdown list for "Type"
    Step 4) Select "Files on Card"
    Step 5) Treo freezes up. Wait 5 minutes, give up, press reset button.

    Is this a known problem? Does it work for other people? It's 100% repeatable for me.
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    Can somebody please try steps 1-4 above, and post a reply of "it works" or "it freezes"? It will only take 2 minutes... Post what cell carrier, and what ROM you are using... Please? I want to know if this problem is specific to my phone or if other Treos have the same problem.
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    No crash for me on Treo 650, SPCS v1.08.
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    no crash for me either sprint v1.08
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    Thanks for testing. I found a corrupt file on my SD card using chkdsk on my PC. It works now.

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