From the Palm website: "What security options are available for Treos?
The need to secure information on handheld devices has become a top-priority IT challenge. Because PalmOne Treos operate on the Palm OS they take advantage of a wide variety of existing solutions from leading security developers. Data security begins with basic password protection for locking access to the handheld computer and its records and extends to include security necessary for wireless communications.

The Palm OS supports both password protection as well as private records, which involve a special flag which can be set for individual entries in the Address Book, Calendar, Memo Pad, and Tasks/ToDo. You can then assign a password and enable record hiding within the Security application, which ships with every Palm OS device. This will prevent an unauthorized user from seeing records marked as private.

In addition to the security inherent in the Palm OS there are also a range of third party solutions that enhance the product in a number of ways. Several companies such as Good Technology, Synchrologic, Extended Systems, and others offer advanced IT tools to provide security and management of company systems that are as rich as the tools used to manage notebook computers.

Here's my question... How can I dis enable record hiding within the Security application???