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    hi is everyone today,i need help with putting movies on my treo650.i installed KINOMA on my treo,but i need to know how to put them on my treo to make them work with having a very hard time with this so if some one could help me that would be great,thanks
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    If you want to load movies you have on your PC, you need to convert the movies to the Kinoma format... and to do that you need Kinoma Producer. You can download some Kinoma format movies from the 'net... they used to have a lot of trailers for upcoming movies. I suppose you could Google to find movies in the appropriate format.

    Once you have the movie file (a .pdb) you can use the Palm install tool to install them, or use an SD card reader to move them to an SD card. The reader is significantly faster...

    If this isn't the answer to the question you were asking, perhaps you could provide more information about the specific problem?
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    Do a search, there are tons of threads that address this and many give step-by-step instructions. Like this one for example:

    People should be required to go through a "Search" tutorial before they are allowed to post on the forum... Just my $0.02

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