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    Can I view HTML files stored locally on my Treo with a web browser? If so, can it follow local links into other HTML files stored locally?

    I'm looking for a good way to convert, store, and view some long cross-referenced and indexed documents on my PDA, with easy search and retrieval.
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    You can open HTML links using Aileron Mail. All you need it to open the email and tap on the link and open and it will open the HTML file on the Browser you select on Aileron Mail. So all you need is a bunch of emails with the links you need to open when you require.

    For more details on Aileron mail visit our website for a Live chat support and we will be glad to help.

    Customer Care
    Corsoft Corporation
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    I don't have internet access on this device. I was just hoping to install a browser and some HTML files.
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    A quick search on "local HTML" yielded:

    I've used it - works cool...

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