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    Check out this link on eBay:

    I have sent a message to the seller with no response on who manufactures this cradle. Anyone seen this and know what it is?
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    It looks likes one of the Cingular "FastForward" cradles. But I didn't think they were available for Treos yet..........

    I always put up a red flag, when the seller won't put their location, on the auction. So, I would guess this thing is from China.
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    I have sent several e-mails asking if it is NIB or who built it. All have been ignored.
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    Just order from $38.83 with free s/h. Ebay auction plus shipping already more than that.
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    Sent him an email and he responded:

    This is a generic cradle. It is specifically manufactured for the treo 650 though. Email if you have any other questions.

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