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    Is it possible to DUN with the T Zones plan or do you need to purchase the T Mobile unlimited internet plan?

    Couldnt you just set up IE with the proxy setting on the laptop?...just a thought...
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    anyone even have any remote knowledge?
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    T-Zones is T-Mobile's WiFi service, for when you are in hotels or Starbucks, etc. You want the $19.99 unlimited internet plan. You may also want to get t-zones if you have a WiFi card for your treo, but they are completely different plans.
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    Not sure if if DUN will work right out of the box with T-Zones, but T-Zones is NOT the WiFi service. T-Zones is the name of T-Mobile's portal site, which is accessed by using the WAP browser built into their phones. I think they call their WiFi service "T-Mobile Hotspots" or something like that. Whatever.

    There are people who have been able to browse the web using Blazer with only the T-Zones service enabled (i.e., not the unlimited $19.99 package), but it requires setting a proxy in Blazer (search the forums for details). I don't know for sure, but it seems like once you got this set up correctly, you should be able to use DUN, too.

    jrhett is right, however, in saying that you need the $19.99 plan if you want all ports to be open on your internet connection -- for example, using T-Zones and the T-Mobile proxy, you can check your mail and browse the web, but may not be able to FTP, use IM clients, or other net applications. May not be an issue for you. Again, haven't tried it, search the forums.
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    Mike...I have the proxy setting is nice that I can surf the web, check email, and chat on IM...all for a low price of 4.99. While speed is an issue...I am getting GPRS speeds of about 40-50k on bandwidth tests....however maybe I should take the initiative since I have an unlocked and try out DUN.
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    Bridges -- on my Treo 270 w/T-Zones, I can DUN via PDAnet and browse from Firefox w/the proxy set there.
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    fast or slow?
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    Pretty darn slow.
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    Bridges.. as you know im also on the Tzones plan. With the help of some people here on these forums I was able to get BT DUN working on my 650 with my Mac laptop. You dont need PDAnet however if you have a PC laptop im sure itll work just fine with that.

    But to answer your question yes you can surf the web via BT DUN using Tzones.

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