When I first got the T650, after a soft reset, the phone app would appear (with "Phone Off" in the corner), then the Sprint welcome screen would appear, and then I'm returned to the Phone app with "Phone On" and immediately ready for action.

Next, after I installed a Shadowmite custom ROM (with Treo splashscreen), the "Phone Off" screen appears, then the "Welcome" screen, then the Phone app showing "Phone On", then it would blink to a white screen and back to the Phone app. Minor annoyance but not a problem.

Now, with SPCS ROM 1.08, after the "Welcome" screen, I just have a white screen--it no longer goes back automatically to the Phone app. I have to press "Home" to get out of it. More annoying but still not a problem.

I'm just wondering why this is happening and if it indicates any underlying problems...anyone else seeing this?