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    $38.83 w/free delivery as of 10AM EDT. Just got an email.

    (Edit: select "budget shipping" to get free shipping)
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    Thanks, great info, I just ordered.

    But gee Wilbur, I like Mr. Johnson's apples
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    Hey is there some sort of code you need to get free shipping, it added shipping and handling charges.

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    duh, seek and yee shall find...just use "budget" shipping option and shipping/handling is free.......
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    Sorry, wrong MisterEd. That was a 3rd cousin twice removed on my grandma's side.
    Quote Originally Posted by heyknee2
    But gee Wilbur, I like Mr. Johnson's apples
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    great thanks!
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    Smart 3rd cousin twice removed ya got there, Mr. Ed....

    Couldnt resist, Ive been doing imitations of your um cousing for years....
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    FYI I just ordered from and recieving a $25 discount towards next purchase, more than covering the express s&h. thought some may like to know of add'l coupon deal
    DILLIGAF, Jack
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    Out of stock.
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    Cradle ordered 3/29

    Still "Processing" on 4/1

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    Good luck everyone. I also got an email on 3/29 about 10AM saying they are in stock. I ordered the cradle within 2 minutes and it said it was in stock. As of 4/1 it said it "went to the warehouse for processing". I sent an email to ask why it is taking so long. Here is their response:

    We apologize that the delivery of your order is taking longer than expected and for any inconvenience this has caused. Unfortunately, due to a setback from the manufacturer, item # XXXXXXXX on your order is currently on backorder.

    We update our website once every 24 hours. Occasionally items run out of stock before we can update this information. Be assured we are working on providing more frequent updates in the future.

    Unfortunately, we do not have an estimated time of arrival; however, you will receive an email from us once the product you ordered ships. Please note that your credit card will not be billed until that time.

    Thank you again for writing to

    Somebody screwed up. How can it be out of stock 2 minutes after they email me saying it is in stock?
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    i just got an out of stock response last night as well.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by jakpar
    FYI I just ordered from and recieving a $25 discount towards next purchase, more than covering the express s&h. thought some may like to know of add'l coupon deal
    Wow , this is great. How did you get the $25 discount? Any specail steps or promotion you have to take to get it? Seems like other people have ordered from did not mention this. Anyone else also received the $25 discount?

    Thank you in advance.
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    I had the same experience as heyknee2. I ordered right away once I received notification that it was in stock and now I am waiting. Oh well, hopefully it will get here sometime soon.
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    Just received email from

    "We apologize for the difficulties you have experienced with your order. Unfortunately, due to setback for manufacturer, we are currently unable to fulfill the item #10389891 on your order. We suggest you to make a cancellation request on the item and can place a new order on our website."

    Not sure I understand why they suggest I cancel and reorder. I assume it will take awhile.
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    By the way, I also ordered immediately when I received email from stating in stock.
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    that sucks, and I wonder why I didnt get the notice to cancel....
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    its getting worse, now I have been informed the other item I ordered, the IO Bluetooth headset, is also on backorder....double aaargh
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    I canceled my order, I ordered the boxwave minisync and will try to use that instead of the cradle.
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