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    i didnt cancel, thought id give it a week or two, havent heard back yet on the cradle, but did hear on a io bluetooth headset i ordered which was also back ordered, hooray, it is en route.
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    hey i finally received the IO bluetooth headset, maybe the cradle will come at some point....soon....
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    I really want a cradle that has phone jack support. Where are the aftermarket guys to take advantage of this shortcoming by Palm?
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    amazingly, it finally came and works fine..the only bummer is that I have to remove the skin I have around the treo 650 for it to fit...ah well.....
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    Try to use it for a few days, plug in out, there are huge issues with the crappy P1 cradles no sync in cradle, but sync's out of cradle!!! What is the REV# Underneath the cradle?

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