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    Carrier: Cingular
    Device: 650/GSM
    Location - la, ca (evening)
    4 bars, outdoors

    100k - 77 kbs
    200k - 101 kbs
    600k - 110 kbs
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    Carrier: Sprint
    Device: T650 1.08
    Location: Moorestown, NJ
    Signal: 3 bars.
    Test Results:
    5k: .313 sec - "unstable, too fast a result"
    50k: 3.693 sec - "unstable, too fast a result"
    100k: 9.112 sec - 112 kbit/sec
    200k: 16.238sec - 112 kbit/sec
    600k: 48.683 sec - 103 kbit/sec
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    Carrier: Cingular
    Device: 650
    Location: Stanford University, CA - Sand Hill and El Camino
    Signal: 4 bars
    Time: 10PM

    5K: Too fast
    50K: 59Kb/sec
    100K: 44Kb/sec
    200K: 89kb/sec
    600K: crashed/failed 4 times
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    Comparing the results of my Verizonized Treo 650 with a Cingular 650 owned by someone in my office, my experience (pre 1.08 update) was that the Cingular (GSM) unit was faster than the Verizon (CDMA) unit, but the latency was slightly higher for the Cingular unit. I think that it is unlikely that you would see any considerable difference between the two in real world usage.

    I need to compare again now that I have updated my unit to 1.08.
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    Carrier: Sprint
    Device: T650 1.08
    Location: Raleigh, NC
    Signal: 3 bars
    Test Results:
    5k: 2.977 sec - "unstable, too fast a result"
    50k: 3.806 sec - "unstable, too fast a result"
    100k: 8.656 sec - 121 kbit/sec
    200k: 17.385 sec - 104 kbit/sec
    600k: not enough memory error !?!?!?
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    Thanks for your reply Steve, I suspected as much. I am more confortable with Sprint's data pricing though I'd love to have GSM for the flexibility.
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    my best on 600k is 157...thats 20k a second not too shabby and thats using blazer, xiino is much faster for rendering pages (and yes it makes a difference even on mspeed).
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    GSM 650 (on Cingular network, Menlo Park, CA).

    When I first received (2/12/05) I was receiving 75k-100k. Now I am luck if I get 20k (usually 15k). Everything else seems to be working okay (except the every ~24hr soft reset). Is it the Cingular network or could there be a problem with/on the phone??? I am mystified. Suggestions, please
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    Carrier: Sprint
    Device: T650 1.08
    Location: Ft. Lauderdale
    Signal:2 bar
    Test Results:
    5k: "unstable, too fast a result"
    50k: "unstable, too fast a result"
    100k: 11.43 sec - 89 kbit/sec
    200k: 21.17 - 86 kbit/sec
    600k: 52.1 sec - 97 kbit/sec
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    Sprint PCS - Bay Area, California - 4 bars signal (signal doesn't appear to affect data speed)

    600K: 37.53sec - 134 kbit/sec

    Sprint uses a proxy server for Http traffic which is very slow (it is hardcoded in the phone). In my test I specify a proxy server in blazer (Options-> Preferences-> Advanced-> Set Proxy) which bypasses Sprints. I only get 106 to 116kb with sprints proxy server. With an alternative proxy I get close to 140kbit depending on how busy the proxy server is. Measuring the data speeds using blazer is not a valid test because there's no way to bypass using a proxy server. It's obvious that the data speeds on sprint can exceed 128kbit because I am able to stream 128kbit shoutcast streams in pocket tunes (provided its a good station with no data pauses).
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    Carrier: Rogers Wireless GSM
    Device: Treo 650 Unlocked 1.05
    Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Signal: Full signal (i live next to a cell tower, i glow green at night)
    Test results:
    5k: 0.634s - unstable/too fast
    50k: 8.375s - 59kbps
    100k: 8.43s - 123kbps
    200k: 24.111s - 71kbps
    600k: 44.63s - 111kbps

    I live right at the red dot

    thank god for my 100MB/100$ data plan
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    hey wait there is something else we are forgetting to mention...which browser are you using!

    Blazer 4.0 here

    albeit it says up in the first post to use blazer (as an exmaple) you should still state which browser you are using
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    Carrier: Cingular
    Device: T650 Default Firmware
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Signal: 4 bars
    Test Results:
    5k: 2.6 sec - "unstable, too fast a result"
    50k: 9.797sec - 55 kbit/sec
    100k: 14.624 sec - 63 kbit/sec
    200k: 24.841 sec - 69 kbit/sec
    600k: 63.088 sec - 78 kbit/sec
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