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    This seems to be the best place to ask this question.

    I work in retail office supply store. We use what it called a "Kal-zon gun". Its basicly those Pocket PC handheld guns that stores use for inventory and price tags.

    What I was wondering, is it possible to get a barcode reader for the Treo 650, DL the palm version of that software (or something like it), and have the treo 650 conenct up with the WiFi network in the building (I can get the access codes and IP address of the current 2 scan guns.)

    Basicly I want to be able to use my Treo 650 as one of the Scan guns.

    Can anyone help me with this?
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    Why would you want to do that? Just use the equipment already there for scanning and use the Treo for yourself...
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    the answer is no- the treo doesn't have wifi- and so you'd need to switch between a wifi card and the barcode reader in the sd slot- which is cumbersome at best and really expensive... it would be possible if the wifi sled for the treo was out, but reiterating silver5's comment- why would you want to?
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    Honestly, Im in charge of the Electronics section of business machines and I do invertory about every other day. With the "scan gun", Ive had to make an inventory sheet with each items barcode and I have to scan it and write it down on the sheet (on hand, in transit, damaged) and compare that to my on hand inventory.

    I ws thinking with the Treo and with an excel spreadsheet I could do the same function all on the Treo, then just use the "wireless" function and print it out on one of the display "wifi" printers.

    I think of ideas and plans like this with my new toys. But if it cant be done, then I guess im stuck.
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    if wi-fi is your desire then the tungsten c would better serve your needs

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