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    To add to my list of bizzar occurances on my 650, like randomally turning on and off, reseting, etc...the most annoying thing is the fact that my stylus will not stay in its slot if I turn the phone upside down. It just slides right out with absolutely no resistance.

    I placed my stylus into another 650 and it was fine, so it has to be the phone. Has anybody else experienced this? How might I fix this problem?
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    Bend the stylus slightly and it will stay in perfectly
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    the astonishing fact is that P1 is not able to produce phones of matching quality.

    I went through several devices now - the current one is stable and the hardware is ok, with the exception of the keyboard. some buttons click two times when pressed, others not at all ...

    getting a 650 is like a lottery
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    Hmmm, wonder how many 650s have been returned because the stylus doesn't fit properly?
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    I'm still looking for a way to order replacement stylii... I have to treat mine like GOLD cause I am scared to loose it!

    I know in regards to the sylus dropping out, I have heard of people rolling it on the sidewalk to improve the grip. Makes it easier to hold as well... I havent tried it as I would assume it would make the stylus corral widen and scratch over time.

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    I ordered the pen/stylus by Boxwave from Amazon for $3.50. It seems fine and fits a little tighter than the included stylus.

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