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    Do you think it is better to get purchase the 650 through an online store such as amazon or wirefly, etc for the lower cost, or get it directly at the carrier store for around 100 bucks more? It seems that through the carrier you can always return it quickly (not to mention the store is local) rather than having a harder time through mail. Any comments?
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    See my post here for some thoughts...
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    I got three phones thru wirefly and got quick shipping

    Just make sure you keep copies of screens, etc, that show what services you signed up for to ensure this is set up right at Cingular.....

    I would recommend wirefly.
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    I struggled with the same choice and decided that with my luck I'd rather pay $70 more to go directly through Cingular if they would set me up with the MediaNet Unlimited at the time of purchase. That way I would have documentation that they approved the MediaNet use with the Treo and they can't come after me later demanding that I pay for their PDANet package. The CS guy I spoke with agreed to set me me up with the MediaNet Unlimited and I ordered the 650 Friday night. It's on the FedEx truck for delivery as we speak.
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    be very, very careful......

    Cingular CS CONFIRMED I had unlimited data (on 4 different occasions).

    I got my first months bill and it included over $600 in data overages. Mark dates, times and names of the folks you talked to ....
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    I was trying to be very careful because I read your previous post on this problem. That's why I made certain that I have e-mail confirmation from the CS rep who signed me up that he knew what he was doing and that it was OK with Cingular. I gave him every chance to come back and tell me that I was right and I had to get the PDA plan. He agreed to my e-mail description and sent me the information he said is in the Cingular system for my account. It shows:

    Features: WX18 Media Net Unlimited $24.99

    I've got his name, number, e-mail address and copies of his agreement.

    We'll see when I actually get my bill though.
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    Yah i'm taking my treo plunge today.

    I purchased the deal from the thread I saw in here. The oti-solutions one. I went through the process and am finally getting my treo 650 with the sweet deal that MJ is offering. I'll post a update to the status of this transaction. I was a little weary of doing business with someone i've never met before but thankfully my bank assures me that if anything goes wrong I can get my money back part of the benefits of the visa protection.

    I can't wait!!!

    I tell customer service that I too am going to be recording the call because I want to make sure I am getting what I am paying for.

    Sometimes they will be like no problem, other times the rep will feel uneasy about it then I just simply tell them to transfer me to a supervisor if they do not feel comfortable with me recording the conversation.

    It's not like i'm using it to take them to court or anything...(unless I had that 600$ data bill) hehehehe.
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    I got my Treo from Cingular delivered last night. My Welcome package incorrectly showed that I had Roadside Assistance and made no mention of the MediaNet Unlimited. I activated and called CS.

    The rep told me that her system showed the MediaNet Unlimited and I was OK. She removed the Roadside Assistance.

    I logged into my Cingular account online and it shows the MediaNet Unlimited at $24.99/month. So far the phone works and the web works. My biggest concern is that I got one of the Gemplus SIMS so I'll need to do the Voicemail Update today.

    I disabled the Local Network Time.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed
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    I have found that the Cingular CS folks are very nice, if only ill-informed on occasion. This is why it helps to keep good documentation.

    I can tell you that Cingular resolved my issue beyond my expectation. They have also given me direct access to a manager to make sure we don't run into a problem this month.

    It's not what happens, it's how you handle it. Cingular has done a great job and I would recommend their service.

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