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    Having only 4M free on my 650, I had to follow the alternate upgrade instructions, which included doing a hard reset and creating a new totally clean HotSync account. Having gotten half-way through, I was unpleasantly surprised to learn the Palm update software said you *had* to do the update via the USB cable. Having left my cable in a hotel months ago, I've been using Bluetooth exclusively to HotSync and was thus thoroughly boned.

    With a completely cleared phone, I threw caution to the wind and did the upgrade via Bluetooth. Worked like a charm and I'm back in action. Granted, I'm sure palmOne has a really good reason for only upgrading over the USB cable (losing the connection in mid process?), but it worked like a charm for me.

    Cavaet upgrador,
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    Did mine with BT as well
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    They probably aren't worried about the bluetooth thing since the upgrade won't occur until after all the install files are on the treo. I think the bigger thing with the USB cable is that they want you to have the treo plugged in during the install, and chances are that with the usb cable plugged in, the charger will be plugged in as well.
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    You can copy the raw files (PRC's and PDB's) to an SD card and use TealMover to copy them into RAM. After that, poke the reset hole and the update will start automatically upon reboot.

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