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    Hi everyone,

    I am very new in this website. I read all threads and found this is a valuable site for treo users. I have 1 question which i would appreciate if anyone can help me.
    I have treo 600 and my carrier service is from T-mobile and i am using less than a week. I heard someone told me that I can use web by using the $4.99 T-zones service. I would like to try before I subscribe the internet plan which will cost 29.99 a month. If anyone can guide me how to configure in my treo, I will very much appreciate.
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    i think tzone are just downloading things like tones,wallpaper,or news..but if you really want to access the web you shold sign up for the unlimited internet for 19.99.make sure your subscibe to them before using your browser cause if noy the'll charge you per kb use.
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    bowin, the answer to your question is yes and no. In theory, with t-zone you only have access to port 80, 110 and 25(?) which means you can only access e-mail and regular web sites, plus t-mo suppose to block any external web sites except their own t-zone. But you can go through a proxy server for all other ports. There are tons of threads in TC, just search for "proxy". However, it also depends on your location, so YMMV.
    For me, since I have a voice plan with T-mo, I just called and added the $19.99 VPN to avoid all the hassel. Personally, I think it's fair to pay for a service I am stilll quite happy with.
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    Anyone made the switch from (free) TZones to TMo Internet ($20/mo) and back? I'm wondering if the speed between the two is different. Sure seems slower on TZones to me.

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