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    JavoEdge seems to have released their 650 case (blue or clear) and this is definitely NOT the same as the BoxWave/TC/eBay/HK version:

    In particular, this one has a nice attachment point for the lanyard, and the side buttons are accessed via cutouts rather than thru the case itself. I also believe, looking at the photos closely, that it features fitted pockets for the 5-way and surrounding buttons, and it looks like a very nice quality mold. I ordered one up, so I'll be back with impressions. Anyone else have one of these?

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    Expensive ....
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    Yep, but hoping "you get what you pay for" applies here and it's a superior-quality product. I don't think it'll seem expensive the first time the 650 slips from my hand and the lanyard averts disaster. Besides, I still have the "case disease" and couldn't resist trying another.

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    I have the ebay $6 very good after a month...take out the 650 twice to do the hard reset after freezing...haven't change its shape yet.

    For me, lanyard isn't necessary for me as these cases are already anti-slip..which is very good to put in my pockets.

    For almost $30 a piece...and it'll still suffer the same battery cover and change shape after many removal.....I'll still love to buy 5 ebay version for the same $30 price in total..but replacing one after few months....also I can choose different colors among the 5 as well.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    is it easier to push buttons thru silicon or assuming plastic...but yeah it looks nice but definately not for me
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    the skin cases are great for protection, and provide some variation to the boring look/ugly stitching of the typical black leather cases. All the buttons covered are fully functional, and actually make the naked Treo buttons seem slippery in comparison. Yet in regard to the appearance, they dull the look of the treo IMO. my friends call them phone condoms. my only other gripe besides the dull look, is that if you wear clothes that fit, the grippy silicone does not like to go into the front pocket of your jeans. i don't want to look like walking IT guy and use a belt case, so this matters to me. after using mine for awhile, I broke down and ordered a Vaja. now the wait...
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    This is definately different then the TC skins. The side buttons are exposed, where the TCs arn't. I haven't tried the lanyard on mine yet to complain, but I would have to believe the molded lanyard would hold better. I'll let you be the judge of the extra $10.............
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    would you mind provide an exhaustive list of the silicone cases that are available or some links? you could post here or PM if you prefer.
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    i like my silicon case i purchsed from treocentral for my 600.
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    Saw this on the P1 site,
    I don't think I've seen this type of clip used in the other silicon cases.
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    Good find (well, I find almost all of 'em . Looks the same as BoxWave to me.

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    im thinkin im leaning towards the javoskin since it doesnt have anything on the back unlike the one from palm they have a option for a belt clip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by garfield_88888
    Saw this on the P1 site,
    I don't think I've seen this type of clip used in the other silicon cases.

    Just got mine from Hong Kong along with a silicone case for my JAM. The Treo case has a similar clip configuration except the clip for mine is white plastic, not translucent, but I only paid $25 for both cases including shipping, got them in one week.

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