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    Trying to upgrade to new version of Contacts5 but software doesn't recognize the T650 as a Hi Res device. This is the note on thier site...

    Compatibility Note: This product is only compatible with Palm OS handhelds having a 320x320 or higher resolution screen. Due to bugs in PalmOne's PIM database compatibility layer, this product is also incompatible with the Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 handhelds. We hope that PalmOne will release an operating system patch soon for these devices.

    Who's fault is this and what's the likelihood that it will ever be resolved?
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    The issue isn't the hi-res... I believe it has to do with with the new "enhanced" PIM databases introduced by P1. There's some background information about this in the DateBk5 FAQ's.
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    So do you think PDA Performance should write a patch? If not - Is it likely that Palm will ever address this issue? Am I sol?

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