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    I apologize in advance for this not being entirely appropriate to a Treo message group but I figure someone can point me in the right direction.

    I got Chatter and Fastmail working pretty well. Now I am having issues setting up Fastmail with Outlook 2003.

    I have subscribed to the various folders that I want and defined the group in the send/receive settings. However, I do not get any emails to the Inbox subfolders I created. I do get emails to the others folders (Inbox, Sent (+Subfolders), Trash, etc).

    Can someone please point me in the right direction? Is it even possible to download emails from Inbox subfolders? According to microsof it is. I followed these directions with no luck.;EN-US;Q281742
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    Have you checked off the folder subscriptions for your IMAP root folder? Do this:

    1) Right click on your IMAP Inbox
    2) Select IMAP Folders
    3) Click the Query button
    4) Once the folders have loaded, select the ones you want and hit the Subscribe button

    That should do it - beware the Junk E-Mail folder, however. Outlook 2003 wants to have its own folder, and it creates it on the Fastmail server as well.
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    Thank you VERY much for the input. All of my subscribed folders show up in Outlook but no mail is sent there. After playing around with every conceivable setting I finally figured it out. Under the Advanced tap of the email set up, the "Root Folder PAth" item has to be left empty. I was doing what the Fastmail support page recommended and entering "INBOX" here. I am not sure what this means but when I leave this entry blank, everything works.

    I hear ya about the Junk email folder. I deleted it.

    Thanks again for the resonse.
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