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    I just noticed that some contacts that I've added to my Mac address book since the Sprint 1.08 update have not been synced to my Treo 650.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Or know of a fix that I can try?
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    Upon further investigation, there are two different Name/Address databases on the 650, one is Address, the other is Contacts.

    What I think may be happening is that iSync is updating one database and the 650 is presenting another. I know that they syncing was working, I've been using iSync to sync the 650 with the Mac Address Book and iCal for months. So I don't know what has changed or how to fix it.

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    I had to hard reset after the update for other reasons, and had problems getting iCal to sync right with iSync. The 650 also has a CalendarDB and a DateBookDB so not sure why or what the difference is. I finally had to delete both with FileZ, delete iSync Backup Conduit prefs and reinstall iSync.
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    Somehow I lost all my contacts, and I'm on the road now without my latest version, so I'll have to wait until I get back to fix it. Also, VeriChat doesn't work (endless loops, resets, etc) and Docs to Go won't work (says something about detecting another version whenever trying to open any .doc or .xls files).

    Looks like I've got some work to do on this update yet. Starting to wonder whether it was worth the trouble.

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