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    I have 2 treo 650s one from sprint and one unlocked GSM with Tmobile. I have SE HBH660 headset. I can not pair it with both treos at the same time. I had it paired with sprint treo but when I paired it with unlocked GSM 650 it paired with it and all functionalities with sprint treo was lost. Now it works with either or. I have to pair it with specific treo in order for it to work. So I think it is not possible to use one bluetooth headset with two phones or two treo650s. Am I right? Can someone verify it? Thanks.
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    I do not have the definitive answer, but my wife and I both have T650s and both have the PalmOne Jabra BT250p headsets. While we have paired both headsets to both T650s, it seems like only the last paired set works together. I placed a previous post here about the issue, and have not had any replies.
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    The manual says the headset will pair to 8 different devices however it will only automatically connect to the "last used" device. There must be a way to tell it to work with the other device when needed. Sorry I don't have the answer, but I wouldn't give up on it.
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    What's wrong with just re-pairing? It's simple and fast enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 650now
    What's wrong with just re-pairing? It's simple and fast enough.
    I have both phones working and when call comes on one I dont want to go through the process of pairing it. I have another bluetooth headset and I can pick that one up too. But I want a simple one headset to work with two phones so I can have only one headset in my ear to answer either treos.

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