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    Does anyone know of a more customizable alert manager? I'm using TreoAlertMgr now, which is pretty good. I'd like to get detailed notifications on certain SMS messages or certain reminders, not all of them. If anyone knows of anything, please share. Thanks.

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    Love the app - i love using the volumn buttons. But I would like little more control around alarms. Is there anyway to tie your alarm settings to your schedule?

    For example, if I am scheduled for a meeting, it would be really cool if all the alerts when into silent mode.

    Does any one know of any other apps that may accomodate this?

    Thanks in advance for the info.
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    I use Profiles to do what you are talking about. I set up a "trigger" which notices Date Book entries with the word "meeting" in them and goes into "Meeting" profile with all sounds turned off. When then event ends it switches back.

    The "Meeting" profile is actually the only one I use right now. I have a "Normal" profile and then a "Meeting" profile. I just haven't needed much more than that. There is even a timeout value you can set when you switch to a new profile.

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    I guess I should mention I use a Treo 600. And I just noticed that that has a newer version of Profiles with "experimental 650" support.

    It is amazing how many software utilities (which should have been included with the Treos in the first place) are not working on the 650 without modification. Doesn't make me want to rush out and get one...


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