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    I have an IMAP account that I need to access with my Treo650. This account has several custom folders that are not subfolders of the InBox, rather they exist on the same folder level. All the various PCs and Macs within the company are able to see these folders and subscribe to them. However, I can't get Versamail or Agendus Mail to see the custom folders. they only want to sync with the InBox. Am I missing something or is this a limitation of their IMAP support? I have my fingers crossed that somebody will have a solution for me.
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    I finally found your thread here. As I mentioned in the list, I have had no trouble with Versamail finding and syncing custom IMAP folders from my p.o server. My custom folders were created via Outlook on my PC then appeared on the 650 after my first mail check with Versamail. I am running Versamail 3.0c on the 650 and only tested this AFTER the Sprint 1.08 firmrawre update so I'm not sure if this worked before the update or not.

    For the record, I'm running PO 3.6 (I believe - will chk this when I get to the office) on OSX 10.3.6 The only issue I have had with this arrangement so far has been slow IMAP access. Still trying to figure out why PO is so slow to login with IMAP. It's the same for PC/MAC as it is for the Treo so I suspect a server issue here. POP access is just like any other mail server.

    What type of 650 do you have ? Sprint or GSM ?

    Another thing to check - see if the Versamail conduit on the PC end can see your custom folders. Look on the folders tab in the advanced settings for the account within the conduit.

    I haven't tried snapper, chatter or agendus since versamail is meeting my needs at this point.


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    I am using a Cingular GSM Treo. I am synching it with a Mac using Missing Sync and iSync.

    Let me asks this. Are you getting the folders to show up in Versamail by synching with Outlook on your PC, or are you just telling me that you originally created the folders using Outlook and then Versamail is able to get a list of folders directly from the server?

    As I stated on the P.O. forum, I did get Versamail to work by creating the folders in Versamail with the exact same name as those on the server, and checking the option to create the folder on the server as well. Once that is done I can have one of the custom folders selected and perform a send/receive. The folder will be updated. However, if I choose Sync Server Folders, I still only get INBOX listed.

    My custom folders were originally created using Mozilla Thunderbird. I wonder if I go to a PC and create some using Outlook if that might solve the problem?
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    I created my folders in Outlook then did a get in Versamail and synced them over the air. Both the top level and subsolders showed up after I selected Sync Server Folders from the Options menu in Versamail. I suspect this may be working for me because of the Versamail update in the Sprint Firmware. I understand that the GSM update is to be released soon (altho noone has defined soon yet...) and that may resolve this for you as well.

    I don't suspect that the method of creating the folders has anything to do with the problem here. More likely Versamail can't see those folders initialy and creating them in Versamail simply let VM know they existed.


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    You mentioned a top level folder and subfolders. Are your folders all subfolders of the INBOX or are they at the same level.
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    I am having a similar problem. I have created my folders on the server as subfolders of the Inbox, but I cannot get those subfolders to show up in Versamail. Any assistance would be appreciated!

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