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    Greetings -

    I have several incorrect entries in the pick list for the "To" field in my Treo 650 SMS messenger. Does anyone have any idea how to either clear the list completely or individually delete items from this pick list?

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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    You need a program like FileZ to see the file you need to delete. Look for a file called 'SMS quicklist' and delete it. Your list will be deleted and the file will return as the quicklist regenerates. I know this is the way with a T600 and am not 100 percent positive on the 650.
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    I also use Filez to edit my SMS Quicklist. You dont even have to delete it. Once you see the file in Filez, go to the menu and select EDIT. ANd I can click each entry number and click VIEW button and I can see the persons name and the phone number, then I can Delete each person individually, instead of just canning the whole file.

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    Excellent solution ... I downloaded FileZ and was able to edit the entries in the SMS Quicklist file that I no longer wanted. Thanks for your help.

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