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    I was able to have my screen stay on while in the car and chargine cable in or when me Treo 600 is in the cradle either at home or at work. Since I updated the software (verizon), I can't seem to find where the setting is to disable keyguard while in the cradle.. Any help?
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    CradleCare. Here on TreoCentral, go to the developers forum, the "Jeff Gipson" board...
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    Thanks for the help.

    I purchased the CradleCare and seems to do the trick. Though, I probably won't use all the features, but, the goal was the screen not to go off when in the cradle or car charger.

    Thanks Again,
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    I'm looking to just disable the keyguard while in the cradle - not Stay on. Cradlecare seems to only be able to "stay on", which interferes with Splashclock - anyone know a way to simply disable the keyguard while charging?

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