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    I was wondering if anybody else had the problem of having their speakerphone switch back to non-speakerphone mode (even though the button on the screen still looks like it is on speakerphone)? So....while I am on a speakerphone call, the sound will suddenly be very quiet and it only comes out through the normal phone mode hole on the front rather than through the speaker on the back. I am using a Treo 650 and was wondering if this happened to anybody else.

    I'm suspecting 3rd party software, but I don't know of any known issues with this.
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    this happens to me too...i hear speakerphone sux. i have stopped using it...anybody out there with a solution....
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    this was happening to me also, i suspected 3rd party apps so i uninstalled everything and re installed it. this seemed to do the trick for me. hope this helps
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