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    Hey guys, need ur expertise in this matter.

    After 2 hours of reading here on GPS's for my 650, decided on the Nav 2004 bundle from TomTom that includes the Software and Hardware.

    When trying to "Buy" the kit on the site, it gives a couple options I need help with:

    After clicking Buy Now, it says "select Brand", I choose Palm One, as it's whats on the 650, and the only option in this selection box.

    Next, it asks "Select Device". Here's where I'm hung up.
    - It onlygives two options - 1. Tungsten T3 2. Zire Z2

    - I obviously have Treo 650, which is NOT represented on this list. Are one of these compatible with my 650 and thus the one I want to buy? Only difference between the two is a $50 spread in cost.

    Help! Ive been drooling over GPS forever, and now I can have it!! I need to IMPULSE BUY RIGHT NOW!!!
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    Hm. Have you considered buying from a cheaper source than their web site? They point you to mobileburn which has the full retail price. Check TigerGPS or Semsons. It shouldn't matter what PalmOS device you get the software for so long as you have Navigator 2004 for Palm. You will need to download the patch for the Treo 650/Tungsten 5 anyway (version 4.42, available free on their website) to make it compatible with the Treo 650.

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