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    I've had the cingular treo 650 for about a week now. So far I love it and have had no problems with resets(which I was afraid of after reading posts on here for about a month before I got it) I want to ask a couple of questions that hopefully can be answered quick by someone who knows more than I. Also before I ask I want readers to know that I have read and read these discussions and they are awesome. For the most part it almost seems like treo users consider themselves a family and will do whatever they need to do to help each other out. Anyway to my questions.
    I have medinet unlimited. Am I using voice minutes when I'm online? I didnt think I was but then I thought the unlimited might be just sending and receiving. Also, using blazer, if you're online and someone calls can you answer it and then hang up and return to blazer without having to reload all the pages and really start over?
    One more question. I downloaded the aol and it works great but am I using sms messages when i'm IM'ing or is that over the internet just like on a pc? I hate to ask all these questions but I havent been able to find the answers on here. Thanks so much for everyone on these forums. The info is invaluable.
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    You are using data. Cingular doesn't offer dialup over their network. It's called CSD. It/s 9600 baud, like a 10 year old modem. It's not worth it.

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