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    Hello All,

    Picked up the 650 ( Love It! ) and the "best" bluetooth headset that was at the Sprint Store at time of phone purchase. I bought the Body Glove headset, which the sales man said was the best. Personally, I have found the headset to be quite the opposite. Sound level is too low on the highest setting, and operation of the unit, in my opinion, could be better. What unit do you guys recommend? Or, although I hope not, is the overall value of this headset what I can only really expect to get out of a bluetooth headset.

    Just got so excited for bluetooth wireless handsfree cabalities, and am truthfully kind of disapponted with this particular kit.


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    Hey Jeff, let me go ahead and forewarn you now, the Body Glove is a peice of crap literally. That's the one that i got when i first got my LG-325 back in Dec. (waiting on my Treo 650!!!) Anyway since Dec. i've returned it 3 times and finally on the forth time they switched it out with the one that Plantronics has. I think the name of it is M2500. I'm actually selling mine if you were interested. I've only used it like once b/c when i got my Treo 650 i had already said that i wanted the Sony 660. I tried returning the Plantronics one back to sprint to get money back and they were saying that since i originally bought the Body Glove in Dec. or Jan. naturally they couldn't do a return b/c it's been way longer than 14 days.

    Anyway getting back to the device, and this is with the LG-325, it wouldn't connect even if it was connected and i tried to transfer to the BodyGlove, it wouldn't transfer the call. So when i took it back, the lady was saying how much it sucked and i wasn't the only one whose had problems with it and bought it back. So you will definitely need to start looking for another one

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