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    I'm a relatively new Treo 650 user with Sprint, and I have a question about the voicemail notifications that you get on the Treo 650. The first time I got a voicemail, the phone alerted me with that asterisk in the upper left hand corner and an alert. However, after clearing the alert (since I knew who the VM was from and wasn't interested in listening to it at that point), I received several additional calls but no new voice-mail alerts. I simply assumed that none of those new callers had left me a voicemail. When I finally checked my voicemail, I was dismayed to find that I had several voicemails on top of the original one, and because there was no new alerts on my phone, I didn't realize that I had additional voicemails waiting for me. Is there any way to get the Treo 650 to give an alert for each and every new voicemail received after the first voicemail is received and the alert is cleared (but before you listen to that first voicemail message)? Thanks!
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    This has nothing to do with your Treo, this is an operator issue. If you don't listen to your voicemail messages you usually don't get a new text message telling you that you have new voicenmail for several days. I live in Sweden but I should think it's the same all over the world.

    The same can happen if you don't listen to the very end of the voice message. If you know who the message is from and what it's about, call your voicemail service and delete the message as soon as it starts (check the manual from your operator which key you should press to delete a message while listening to it).
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    correct, that's a carrier thing. It's the same way on a standard cellphone, at least with Sprint.

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