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    Ever since I first got a pager I've ditched my wristwatch as it seemed redundant. Same goes for all the cell phones I've owned, I just use them for time.

    My problem is that with my T650 I can't always take a quick glance at the time (depending on which app I was using last). If the screen I was on last on doesn't include the time, I need to disable the keyguard and switch apps to see it.

    What would be ideal is if there was an app/util/etc that turned the normal Keyguard display into a full screen splash that includes time (and date I guess) instead of the standard "Press center button to unlock" message.

    Is anything like that available for the Treo (preferably freeware)?

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    There is a small app called ClockPop5 which would meet your needs. I use it on a T600; don't know if it works on a 650.
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    Bob's Alarm in conjunction with Bob's Popup/Launch...
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    Bob's Alarm is PayWare isn't it?

    I've grabbed ClockPop5 and am giving that a try so far. The only trigger that seems to work is Address, which works if you press the Calendar button. ToDo, Memo, and DateBook don't seem to work at all. Also, when waking my Treo from sleep I have to mash the Calendar button several times to get it to both wake up and then display the clock instead of the keyguard message.

    Anyone else used ClockPop5 with a T650 and have tips on making it behave?

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    i use clockpop5 on the 650 assigned to the "email" button.

    when the treo is already running, pressing the button pops up the time, letting the button go and you are back at the app you had been in.

    in the off position, it isnt as seemless. you have to turn on the treo first and disengage treo gaurd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivory
    Bob's Alarm is PayWare isn't it?
    Yep, but most of us that use it don't regret spending a few dollars for the app. It's pretty darn cool.
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    Yes, it's the phone app. Simply press the green phone button and the phone app will come to the foreground, even with the screen locked.
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    Try KeyGuard time, it's freeware and you can set it to where it pops up when you hit the keyguard button.

    Believe me, it's nothing fancy, but you can quickly hit the power button to bring the Treo to life, and the tipe and date will pop up. You can set it to stay up for a few seconds, or to disappear when you disengage the keyguard.
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    I am now tinkering with both Keyguard Time and just using the Phone app. KGT could use some polish on the small probs (seems to force screen to lower res 160x160 probably) but works ok. Phone app works but sometimes takes a few seconds to come up depending on what I was doing before shutting off the Treo last.

    For now they both have pros and cons I guess. Time and tinkering will decide who wins out.

    Thanks for the ideas. PS: CkockPop5 still works well for checking time while in aonther app (like Blazer) but the skins/extras are still baffling me. A good skin and the ability to pop up with the keyguard message might make this a winner.

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    PPS: Using the phone app forces you to re-load/redraw a web page if that's where you left off and would like to return later. It's minor, but an inconvenience if the page t"k a while to load in the first place (and is extra downloads for those not on a flat rate plan).


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