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    this would be my 1st (also my 1st Palm device after years of using PPC) post after moths of lurking, hence my regards to all regulars Treo Gods. Anyway, I was trying to install the Metro onto my 650, it was good but could not load the city plan. Anyone could help me out in this?

    Also, anyone uses Verichat? Are they good? Or it is better to use Aileron? Any help is much appreciated.

    Cheers in advance,
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    i use metro and LOVE...saved my **** in NYC
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    could you pls me send me a short guide on how to install the stuff properly? I could not load the city map anyway I've tried.

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    if i remember correctly, there should be a .prc program and another file with all of the cities it services. i dragged the metro.prc program into quick install and then went into the city database in the zip folder and dragged the cities I wanted into the quick install program and sync'ed. its been awhile though.

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