Can someone clue me in on some difference in the way files are date/time stamped on a Treo and on a Mac? Or maybe some error in how I have the date/time set on my machines?

I created a file with my Treo 600 (a photo) and saved it on a SD card. I put the card in a reader on my Mac to see what the image looked like there. The file was listed as having been created at 3:54 A.M. today, even though it was actually created at about 8:54 A.M. Both my Treo and my Mac appear to know that I am in the eastern time zone of the USA, and they both display the correct local time.

What causes the apparent discrepancy of five hours?

I don't know how to use the Treo to see the date/time of individual data files on a SD card. When I use SplashPhoto to look at the set of images stored on the phone and on the card, it says that the photo was created at 8:54 A.M. today.

Does this indicate a difference in the way the two systems record times on files or some error in the way that I have my devices set up? Thanks in advance for the education.