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    I was going to try an app such as this to keep track of my money(tips from 2 different jobs, Credit Cards, monthly expenses, etc...) i'm not really looking to pay bills electronically on my 650, but i want to have a current reference at all times. The issue that I forsee is the mac part. Splashmoney comes with the windows desktop software that is sync capable and so my real question is how worthwhile is the app without a desktop counterpart. As a mac user, is there any way to get the Splashmoney info that i've jotted into my 650 onto my mac or is there a more apple friendly app i should try? Don't you dare tell me to run VirtualPC either.
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    Pocket Quicken for Palm works on the 650 and syncs perfectly with Quicken for Mac.

    I tried Splash Money and trying to sync it with Quicken files is a real hassle on the Mac, plus it has far fewer features than Pocket Quicken.

    Their support page details these issues....Transactions aren't auto-uploading to Quicken. Why not? This feature is only available in Quicken 99 through 2004 for Windows. It is not supported in earlier versions of Quicken or any version of Quicken for Macintosh. If you are using Quicken 99 through 2004 for Windows and still having problems, read on...
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    I got Splash Wallet in May 2004 and have been using it on a Treo 600. I have been using SplashID and SplashMoney regularly. I have found SplashMoney convenient for keeping up registers for a couple of bank accounts and for credit card transactions, and it seems to work well for me on the PDA. I have not been a Quicken user -- just loaded it last night and transferred the past 10 months of transactions from SpashMoney. Transferring is a two-step process: HotSync to create a file on the Mac then import that file into Quicken. If you want to enter data on the Mac and keep the Treo up to date too, I think you have to export a file from Quicken and load that onto the PDA. I'm not sure just how much hassle that would be and can't give you much advice, since I have such minimal experience with Quicken. But it works well enough on the Treo that I have continued to log every transaction since last May. I suspect that either indicates how easy it is to use as a stand-alone package or indicates what a typical, anal-retentive type I am.
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    I love it. I do alot of online banking. I like syncing it ever morning and not worrying about doing a hotsync to make PQ work.
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    i love it. i use it now instead of my computer for online banking. since it's with you all the time, can always update bank records instantly

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