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    I have followed several threads about watching commercial DVDs on the treo650. As far as quality in a small file size is concerned, there is no other way than using MPEG4 video and AAC audio. While Kinoma Producer seems the way to go, I find it a bit cumbersome to convert the ripped VOB from the DVD to AVI first before Kinoma Producer can be used. I have been using Nero Recode (in Nero Vision Express) to do the direct transcoding from the VOB. Although it is far from a free program, many PC users may already have it. My Workflow is as follows:
    1) Rip the complete DVD to the harddrive (DVDdecrypter, FILE-profile, free program)
    2) Start Nero Recode and choose convert to NERO DIGITAL, select the Video_TS folder
    3) Choose your audio language and select in NERO Digital audio profile: 40.000kb/s-22050 Hz
    4) Choose in NERO Digital export settings: <Portable> and set the bitrate of your video via slider to between 250 and 290kbps
    5) Choose continue and burn to harddrive
    6) You now have a nice MPEG4-file with AAC-Audio on your harddrive with a size of roughly 120MB/hour. The time needed on my system to do the conversion is only half! the playing time (it is a standard office PC).
    7) Put your file on your card (via sync or cardwriter)
    8) Play it with Kinoma Player 3EX (not free, but gives very high quality video and sound out of MPEG4/AAC-Audio files and is competely compatible with the NERO Digital-Format! A caveat: Only the registered version plays MPEG4)
    At present, I know no other player which is compatible with the NERO Digital flavour of the MPEG4/AAC-format.

    With the settings above you will get excellent sound and perfectly fluent video on your treo650. After testing different workflows, this is the way to go for me. I might change my mind, when Kinoma Producer accepts VOBs directly and allows you to choose the right audio track.

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    I think i am going to try that out...where can i get nero recode/how much is it?
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    Do you resize the video too? I know the bitrate is lower, but most native DVD filers are something like 720x480. Wouldn't you want ot bring that down to 320xsomething? Also, does the audio stay synched with the video?

    I have Nero (love it) and find your approach to be the simplest one I've heard yet. Thanks for the info!
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    NERO Recode comes bundled with Nero Burning Rom 6. Nero 6 is usually included as an OEM-Version with DVD-Drives. However, the OEM usually does not include the full functionality of NERO 6 (I am not sure about NERO Recode). I purchased the full version of NERO Burning 6 as an upgrade of an old NERO 5 version about a year ago. It was around 40 bucks. I am not sure of the prices right now, but you can check or

    The good thing about NERO Recode is its support of special profiles so that the video gets resized (and if you wish cropped!) automatically. The degree of resizing is actually changed dynamically with the bitrate. The horizontal resolution with the portable profile is usually between 200 and 350 pixels depending on the source (widescreen or other) and the bitrate. The good thing about Kinoma Player 3 EX is that it has no problem whatsoever when dealing with the different resolutions. Only when the bitrate gets too high (my preliminary tests show above 290kbps) the video begins to stutter. The framerate in the portable profile remains at 25fps!! (I have not found an option in NERO Recode to reduce the framerate and increase the resolution instead although this is possible in NERO Vision Express)

    Feel free to ask further questions. I got it to work seamlessly.

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    I almost forgot: The audio and video stays in perfect sync (at least this was the case in my half dozen 1.5-3 hour movies I have converted so far) The sync problem usually arises when you crop movies or use intermediate encodings (AVI/MPEG2 program stream) which I have not done and which is not needed with my workflow.

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    Another addition: My tests apply to PAL material as I live in Europe. I have not tried NTSC movies. Apart from the framerate this should not be very different.

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    Awesome! I can't wait to try it. I've had such poor luck with getting DVDs into files. I can use DVDDecrypter without a hitch, but didn't know where to go from there. Its great to know that the software I already own (Nero 6 and Kinoma Producer) can do it.

    I'll try converting my copy of Napolean Dynamite tonight. Right after I do some work with my bow staff.
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    Ya, the framerate of NTSC is 29.97 frames per second. PAL is 24. But I usually dumb everything down to around 15fps anyway.

    There's four basic ways to make video portable:
    1. Reduce the size of the image- smaller images- smaller file
    2. Reduce the number of frames- less images- less to compress
    3. Use a slick codec like Divx or something to compress what is left
    4. Don't forget to compress the audio too.
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    Thanks for the post, I'll be trying this and will post my results
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    Anyone know if I have to buy Kinoma 3 or is there an upgrade program from v2.2
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    does this method work on mmplayer?
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    I have not tried MMplayer, but I doubt it, because MMplayer does not support AAC-Audio in an MPEG4-AVI file as far as I know. But if you have Nero 6 you can give it a try and report back to us.

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    OK, I tried this last night. I used Nero Recode and let it do the second pass. It plays fine in the Nero player afterwards. But when I load it into Kinoma, I get "Napoleon Dynamite.mp4" cannot be played. It may be an unsupported format, incompatible with this handheld, or na invalid file."

    Any thoughts?

    I'm going to download the most recent version of Recode tonight and give it another go. But at least I can convert DVDs to my laptop!! I've NEVER found a simple way to do it until now.
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    The mpeg4/audio of Nero Digital and Kinoma 3 EX are 100% compatible in my experience.
    2 things have to be observed:

    1) Nero Recode has to be the newest version ( There have been numerous issues (not particularly with Kinoma, but with others) with earlier versions.
    2) Kinoma player 3 EX also has to be the newest version (3.1.1). There is a changelog on the kinoma site, which particularly mentions changes for compatibility with the Nero Digital format!

    Before I started my tests, i downloaded the most recent Nero 6 reloaded (I think it is also called Nero 6 Ultra Edition in the US). I also just purchased the current version of Kinoma player 3 EX (I haven't owned Kinoma player before). Be sure to use the registered EX and not the standard player3 (even when you register, there is a choice between 3EX and the standard3)!
    I am sure you will get it to work once you have sorted out the correct (most current) software versions.


    PS: I have only used single pass encoding, but that should not make a difference.
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    Nice tip. How long does record take?

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    i tried recode last night but it took forever (like 3 hours) for a 1:45 min movie. do I have any setting wrong or something? DVD Poctet Studio took abount an hour.

    Also, i know the trial version of Kinoma cannot play might need to get the full version...i haven't tried it yet...
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    Your settings must be wrong (or not the latest Nero Recode). Please read again through my first post for the best settings and use single pass encoding.
    I just recoded Lord of the rings1 (171 minutes) in 101 minutes on an Athlon 2000 with 512MB RAM. (Resolution 320*144 automatic crop, 242kbps video rate, 40kbps audio rate)
    I just had the same error (unsupported format etc.) for the first time in Kinoma Player 3EX when playing my converted Lord of the Rings 1. I tracked the problem down to the total file size. Another factor might be the card reader. I now use the hotsync method. The complete file was over 350MB, obviously too much. I did the same conversion again and stopped the process after 2 hours movie time. The resulting file (250MB) again played flawlessly (good video for a small device though a bit too dark but that is the movie itself on an LCD / perfect! audio / no sync issues)
    I have to do some more testing with the max. file sizes. Perhaps you can also try. To circumvent the max. filesize problem in very long movies (if that is the reason) one could also reduce the video bitrate.

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    I just tried this method and I'm IMPRESSED! I've mucked around with a bunch of other methods on this forum and none have them have worked as easily as this. Plus, the end result is much higher quality than the other methods. Thanks for the info.

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    Hi OP
    I followed your instructions and created the MP4 file using the latest version of Nero Recode. I can play the file in my PC without any problems. The file size is about 260MB. But when I play it in Kinoma Player on my Treo 650 I dont get any audio and the movie also skips. Is there any pointers as to what might be the problem? I had an avi file and I converted that using Kinoma producer and that plays without any issues on my Treo 650. Any help is appreciated.

    I am using the latest version 3.1.1 of Kinoma Player and Producer.

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    I'm a PDE/MMPlayer advocate, but I'll have to give this a try.
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