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    Hey guys...

    I've had my Treo 650 for about 2 weeks now, but this weekend, for some reason probably every other SMS I try to send errors out. I get:

    An error occurred (407A) when sending this message

    And then I have to either forward it (and delete the stupid ------- lines) or copy, paste, and then resend.

    For the past two weeks I haven't had a problem sending a text message, but it's become a bit ridiculous this weekend. I've tried turning the phone on and off and soft resets, but still no help.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thanks guys!
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    I'm in Portland, Oregon but have had the same problem off and on...full signal and it gets bounced back with the same error.
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    Intermittent problem for me in L.A. on Cingular.

    I was having some other problems too and had to do a hard reset and restore of all my files (don't ask me why that helped but it fixed all the problems).
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    Yep, I've been getting this (Cingular, Washington DC) regularly now and have complained about this already here. There are other threads that have said this is occuring on T-Mobile's network so if may have something to do with the 650 itself.
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    i'v been getting this error, as well. however, on a different phone, i don't get the error.. my partner has a 650 also, and doesn't have the problem. i have a feeling that if i do a complete hard reset, it will work. but i haven't wanted to tackle that, yet..
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    It's been a very occasional things for me (in LA Area on Cingular). I find if I immediately re-send it always works the second time.
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    I don't think I'd mind it as much if I *could* resend it. You either have to cut and paste it or forward it and delete the extra text... it's a pain. On my other phones there is an option to resend SMSs. I always have to resend 4 or 5 times... even with full reception.

    I really hope they're really not going through 'cause there are some people that would probably freak if they saw 5 of the same text coming through.

    I wonder if it is a problem with the Treo.

    I hope not.

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    I'm on Sprint and today, just now, in LA I got an error message sending an SMS (which I've never seen before). It says ERROR: The network is not responding now
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    i've had this problem consistently for over 2 weeks. initially i called cingular and they confirmed a network error.. however, my partner can send sms messages with his 650...also cingular. and i can do it with other (no-treo) phones.. so, i thought a hard reset may be what i needed.. so, i've done a hard reset 3 times.. each time without installing anything on my phone.. and i get the same error... i'm convinced it's not the phone...
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    this problem in LA was rare for me until Friday, when trying to reply to texts simply reset the Treo - forced to do a hard reset...working for now...
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    Happening in Kentucky constantly too, in fact I tried to resend the same message 3 times in a row, waited a minute between each attempt, the third went through, then the next one failed, and the next retry went through.

    Does the Treo not retry to send SMS? My old v400 would automatically retry a failed SMS transmission.
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    I am having this same issue here in PA, I had to change my number for personal reasons and it fixed itself then it just got worse all over again. I found that if I delete an SMS file on the Treo it works well for a while and then it starts all over again. Its funny cause I have two friends, their doesn't always do this, but when theirs starts mine seems to work fine. So what exactly is Error 407A?
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    mine was similar - worse when "chatting" and replying as opposed to sending mew msg from contacts - and the threads would mysteriously appear andn disappear, sometimes as chats, sometimes as individual msgs - which is why I reset the whole mess
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    I just sent myself an SMS and almost instantly got a pop up screen:
    An Error Occured
    To: xxx-xxx-xxxx
    The message center or email center number is invalid. (Contact your service provider for details).

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    I will point out that my problems have been primarily occurring when I've been replying in conversations, a feature unique to the Treos and not any other phone.

    I am curious as to what Error 407A is though... hmmmm.

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Glad I'm not alone.
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    i've done a complete hard reset and attempted to send a new sms (since nothing was on my phone), and i got the same 407A error message.. i have been unable to send SMS messages for over 2 weeks, now..
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    In the prefs of Messages under network settings what do you have it set to "automatic" or "manual"?
    What is the message center # and MMS Gateway address?
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    Quote Originally Posted by millerhifi
    In the prefs of Messages under network settings what do you have it set to "automatic" or "manual"?
    What is the message center # and MMS Gateway address?
    mine was set for automatic.. i checked the message number settings (by changing to manual and clicking edit). the message center number:

    i compared this to my partner's treo 650 that IS working. his is also on automatic, but his message center number is:

    not a local number. but not a problem? i'm changing my number to that and testing..

    i just changed the number to the 209 number and it worked fine. for the time being, i'm leaving my messages settings to manual with this setting...

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    Mine is also the 12099042010 and was on automatic and is working fine again. Must have been that one time where it didn't work.
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    I'm also having problems sending MMS -- I can't. I'm using an unlocked GSM Treo 650 on Cingular. I have tried the message center numbers mentioned in this thread, as well as another one: 312-314-9810. None work.

    I've tried automatic settings and manual settings: no success. In manual settings I have set:

    Message center number: (various numbers tried)

    Email center number: 121

    MMS Gateway Address: 66.20911.61

    MMS URL:

    Network Profile: (Default, Cingular CSD, Cingular GPRS tried)

    There's no error message -- the MMS (I've tried sending it to different phones) just vanishes into the ozone.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get my Treo 650 to send MMS?

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