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    anyone try this headset?

    costco has it for $40. msrp is $90.

    I like this form factor, like the jabra 250. I'm looking for one I can put in my pocket, or clip over my collar.
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    I'm interested on any recent feedback too.

    Btw, if you go thru pricegrabber you'll find it for $14.99 after $20 rebate at redzuco. (Tho shipping to CA is $8.)

    I've tried redzuco before, and although they were not very good with keeping me updated on whether my order has shipped, their rebates are valid.
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    I've found the M2500 to be somewhat flaky in use. Sometimes will connect, sometimes not. The M3000 by plantronics is much better.
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    Hey guys/gals,

    I just posted a reply in regards to the M2500 by Plantronics to the guy asking about the BodyGlove and how i took that one back to Sprint and on the 4th time they finally exchanged it out for the M2500. At the time i was using it for the LG-325 and i only used it like one full day b/c i was waiting on the Sony 660 for my Treo 650. Anyway the time that i did use it, it worked fine. Everytime i hit the button to connect/transfer the call it worked. Sound was decent. However, even though the BodyGlove one was sooo crapy, i have to admit the sound quality was perfect on it.
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    i've been using it now for about 48 hours...i know not much, however, i'm 'pleasantly' connects 9 times out of 10 and the sound is "leaps and bounds" superior in quality and volume to the Moto HS-810, 805, 820, or 850 that i've used....will report back in a few days and weeks with more...
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    Don't do it!!!! The only BT headset that is worth buying is the Treo. I'ver tried the Moto, Sony, Plantronics, and Logitech. I repeat, BUY THE TREO!!
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    just a follow up...the M2500 does have loud enough sound, but sounds like crap when you're driving down the highway...too much background noise and no...don't like it at all...but the point is mute now as i've sold my treo 650....i could not handle the mediocre phone functionality....this is important to me and it just couldn't deliver the goods as far as I'm concerned....i need a phone connection pda second....
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    I test drove or rather attempted to at a local Radio Shack a couple of weeks ago. I attempted to pair it three times and was not able to do so. Ben

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