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    I'm running a 1.08 Sprint Treo 650 with Audible Player for Palm OS 2.5 installed. I listened to the end of a book this morning, deleted it and loaded another, but the new book won't play. That is, the 'buttons' work normally, and the playback position indicator progresses normally, I just get no audio in my headphones. If I initiate a telephone call, I can hear it through the headphones, indicating that they are working OK. I also checked the volume control in the Audible application and it is fine. Also, I reloaded the book from earlier today (which played OK) and it no longer works, either.

    I deleted and reloaded the Audible software, but it doesn't help.

    Any ideas on how to debug/diagnose/fix this problem would be appreciated.

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    I'm not sure on the version number but mine works fine. I installed 1.08 and the newest version of audible from their website and all is fine. I've added new content and it all plays. Maybe you should try to un/re-install audible. Best of luck!
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    Mine works fine. I have version 2.5

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