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    Ok, I like Agendus so far, but how to I make it so that everytime I push the calender button it opens the AGENDA view on agendus? I set the button in prefs to open agendus but everytime it go straight to my contacts list within agendus. So it goes to the right program but the wrong page (i think it is a setting in agendus but I am stumped)
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    i dont have my treo handy, but keep looking. there is another option in prefs that you have to set to get it to do what you want. maybe misc?
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    In Agendus, go to OPTIONS > PREFERENCES > BUTTONS. You should be able to set it up there.

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    Actually, you need to go OPTIONS > PREFS > MISCELLANEOUS. Under Launch Setttings, choose "Agenda" for launch, and then the specific Agenda "view" you want: "Auto," "List," "Split," or "Today."
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    Both BUTTONS and MISC appears to be the same, but if I set BUTTONS to "Contacts" and MISC to "Agenda," the hard key will do what's assigned under BUTTONS (in this case "Contacts").

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